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The Fallows of Our Hearts Are Waiting to be Opened

​​"The Fallows is a poem yet reads like a novel. Aaron Ross began his writing carrer the way literture evolvecd and acomplished it with The Fallows."

"Aaron Ross Hiked Across America to inspire the nations of the world with the living love story The Fallows."

"Aaron Ross hiked all the way across the United States of America starting in New York City on September 11th to Santa Monica Beach in LA. Aaron Ross carried a jar of ocean water filled with the sunrise in New York City and poured it off into the sunset at Santa Monica Beach to inspire world peace and harmony between the nations and to inspire lovers now and forever; for it is lovers that have always kept men from going off to war to stay home with their wives and children for a time. The hike across America was a way for Aaron Ross to heal from a tragedy and to inspire the readers of The Fallows now and forever. When you read The Fallows knowing Aaron Ross hiked across America it will breathe emotion and passion into The Fallows itself. Experience The Fallows for the first time by picking up a copy for yourself and your friends."

The Fallows