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The Fallows: Believe In Love by Aaron Ross A fascinating, unique work, November 24, 2011 
I have not finished The Fallows yet, but I am already thoroughly impressed with Aaron Ross' first book.

His technical style is rusty at parts, but what he lacks in that aspect he makes up for with vivid writing, an unflappable imagination, and a broad vision for the book that makes it an enjoyable, if different read.

The Fallows is essentially a collection of poetry, but it tells a story of an individual who is seeking love and has yet to find that love.  

Brain Cobbs

Aaron Ross has written a sincere, intense and deeply personal book of poetry. It documents his beliefs and covers a wide range of topics from patriotism to the environment to mythology and religion. Aaron skillfully weaves a linguistic and visual tapestry of these ideas that is both beautiful in the close-up detail but one were you truly must step back to see the majesty of the entirety as a single, unified whole.
I highly recommend this book to those who poetry, America, the world and life. As he says, believe in love because if you do then love will believe in you and coming to your heart, transforming your world and your ideas.
Sure hope there are plans for a follow-up book and I'll be looking for it!

Paul Kersey

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The Fallows